Theoretical Physics Research Group is a research division of Department of Physics at Universitas Airlangga. The group is in R125 (north wing) in Faculty of Science and Technology building.

As part of national university, the group activities center on teaching, research, and social service. For teaching and social service activities, topics are determined and organized by the department. For research activities, the group is independent to select, organize, and conduct the topics.

The group currently has four faculties with various research interests. However, as a group, the primary research is to utilize the first principles calculations to explain physical and chemical phenomena in material at the fundamental level.

Material here is not limited to surface and bulk, but also chemical substances (such as molecules) and biological objects (such as proteins and cells).

The group accepts students not only from physics program study, but also from other program studies as well, to conduct their final project for their graduation. They may bring their own topic, or join to the group research roadmap.

The logo


Cat – represent the Schrödinger cat that appeared in the famous thought experiment by Bohr side to explain to Einstein side the nature of quantum world.

The cat in the new logo is Shin, a real cat that belongs to our group leader and sometime visits us in the lab. Shin is just something, he likes to stand in the high place, like on the top of our refrigerator and watch us exactly like Batman. He inspires us to study harder and smarter.

The old logo is just a random cat from the Internet, that’s why we changed it. Plus, the new one has some artistic aspect (look at the shadows in the cat!)

Circle – represent the moon in Einstein dialogue with Mermin in “is the moon there where nobody looks?” to criticize the nature quantum of quantum world proposed by Bohr side.

Brown-like color – it belongs to color hex code #662607 which is related to the famous Planck Constant. This is to emphasize that despite the debate between Einstein side and Bohr side, the undeniable fact is that the blackbody radiaton can be only explained after Planck incorporated the quantum idea hence he extract maximum light from lightbulbs with minimum energy.

The Stamp

If somehow we cannot show off the logo in a good detail, such as the shadows are disappeared, or the writing cannot be read, we use the following logo that we call as Hanko.


Our hanko contains all the logo has, except that now the writing is in abbreviation: TPRG -UA. It is written in romanji but the style is in kanji. This is to represent that at the beginning of our development, we stand on the giant shoulder and the giant is Osaka University, Japan.

The meaning

The three objects in the logo represent three key points in the history of physics during 1890s-1940s. It is the golden age of physics which we refer to the born of modern physics. In this era, four disciplines in physics are distinguished clearly:

  1. Electrodynamics
  2. Physics of atoms, molecules, and light.
  3. Physics of relativity and gravitation.
  4. Physics of nuclear and subatomic particles.

Theoretical Physics Research Group dedicates to apply, one, two, three, or all four to educate students having scientific temper.

The using the digital definition of color is to say that we use computational approach to learn these four physics disciplines.

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