Khusnul Ain


Name Khusnul Ain
Position Lecturer
Academic career 1. Government Employer at Ministry of Research, Technology and

Higher Education as a Lecturer

Institution Universitas Airlangga Year 1997-now

2. Doctoral program : Medical Physics, Institution Institut Teknologi

Bandung Year 2010-2014

3. Master Program : Computational Physics, Institution: Gadjah Mada

University Year : 2000-2002

4. Bachelor Program : physics Institution Gadjah Mada University Year


Employment Position Employer Period
Lecturer of physics Universitas Airlangga 1997-now
Head of Biomedical


Universitas Airlangga 2016-now
Research and


projects over the

last 5 years

1. 2013 : Pengembangan Sistem Tomografi impedansi listrik total

elektroda untuk meningkatkan akurasi citra rongga dada

2. 2013 : Pengembangan Sistem Tomografi Impedansi Listrik

Total Elektroda untuk Meningkatkan Akurasi Citra Rongga

Dada (tahun kedua)

3. 2015 : Rancang Bangun Tomografi Impedansi Elektrik Multi

Frekuensi Untuk Deteksi Dini Kanker Payudara

4. 2015 : Aplikasi Derivat Biopolimer Kitosan di Bidang Kimia dan


Amount of financing

1.IDR 50.000.000,00 , 00, 2. IDR 50.000.000,00 3. 50.000.000,00 4.




over the last 5


Patents and





over the last 5


1. Ain, K., Kurniadi, D., Suprijanto, Santoso, O., Wibowo, R.A.;

2016; Forward problem solution as operator of filter and back

projection matrix to reconstruct the various of data collection in

electrical impedance tomography; AIP Conference

Proceedings, 1718, art. no. 090003,.

2. Ain, K., Kurniadi, D., Suprijanto, Santoso, O.; 2015; Improving

image quality in electrical impedance tomography by

combining data collection methods; International Journal of

Tomography and Simulation, 28 (1), pp. 40-53. Cited 1 time.

3. Ain, K., Kurniadi, D., Trisnobudi, A., Santoso, O.; 2013; Image

reconstruction in ring array ultrasound tomography by means

of enhancing the Sinogram; International Journal of Imaging

and Robotics, 10 (2), pp. 4-16. Cited 3 times.

4. Ain, K., Kurniadi, D., Suprijanto, S., Santoso, O.; 2013; Lungs

anomaly detection by filtered back projection reconstruction

method in electrical impedance tomography; Proceedings of

2013 3rd International Conference on Instrumentation, Control

and Automation, ICA 2013, art. no. 6734059, pp. 133-137.

Activities in


bodies over the

last 5 years

Indonesian Physics Society2013-now