Name Suhariningsih
Position Professor on Biophysics
Academic career 1. Government Employer at Ministry of Research, Technology and

Higher Education as a Lecturer

Institution Universitas Airlangga Year :

2. Doctorate: Physics Institution Universitas Airlangga Year : 1995-


3. Bachelor Program at Department of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics

and Natural Sciences

Institution: Institute od Technology Sepuluh Nopember Year :1972-


Employment Position Employer Period
Professor on


Universitas Airlangga
Research and


projects over the

last 5 years

Name of project or research focus period

and any other information

1. 2013 : Fotodinamik laser infra merah untuk inaktivasi sel kanker

dengan eksogen fotosensitizer 2013-2014 : Rancang Bangun Sistem

Diagnosis dan Terapi Terpadu Kanker Kulit Ekonomis Non-Invasive

Berbasis Nanolaser Speckle Imaging

2. 2013 : Sintesis Implan Prostesis Coated silikon Hidroksiapatite

melalui metode dip coating

3. 2015 : Terapi Fotodinamik Laser Merah untuk Percepatan Apotosis

sel Kanker Dengan Variasi Eksogen Foto sensitizer

4. 2015 : Optimasi Dosis energi Laser Diode Untuk Fotodinamik

Inaktivasi Bakteri Penyebab Karies Gigi (Streptococcus mutant)

Dengan Eksogen Fotosensitiser

Amount of financing

1.IDR 50,000,000 , 00, 2. IDR 50,000,000,00 3. IDR 50.000.000,00 4. IDR




over the last 5


Patents and





over the last 5


1. S. Arifin, Ni’matuzahroh, R. Apsari, S. Soegianto, Suhariningsih

;2013;Aquatic Bacteria of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Growth Model

in Tube Ultrasonic; International Journal of Scientefict and

Technology Research (IJTSR) Vol. 2 Issues 8, August

2. Suhariningsih ;2013;Conversion Of Images Into Numerical Models

To Determine The Condition Of Breast Health On Contra Late”;

Applied Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 7, 2013, no. 104, 5185 – 5191


3. Suhariningsih, Delima Ayu Saraswati ;2013;Deteksi Kanker Serviks

(Carsinoma Serviks-Uteri) pada Citra Hasil Rekaman CT-Scan

Menggunakan Jaringan Syaraf Tiruan; Jurnal Fisika dan Terapannya

Vol.1, Nomor 2, April 2013

4. Baharuddin, Suhariningsih, Brodjol Sutijo Suprih Ulama

;Geographically Weighted Regression Modeling for Analysing Spatial

Heterogeneity and Rainfall in Surabaya, Indonesia; Modern Applied

Science, Vol. 8, No 3; 2014. ISSN 1913-1844 , E-ISSN 1913-1852,

Published by Canadian Center of Science and Education

5. Noor H., Suhariningsih, Agus Suyanto;2014; The significance of

Spatial reconstruction in finite volume methods for the shallow water

equations; Applied Mathematical Sciences, vol.8, 2014, no 29-32,

ISSN 1312-885X (PRINT), ISSN 1314-7552 (ONLINE)

6. Utoyo, M.I., Nusantara, T., Widodo, B., Suhariningsih;2012;

Fractional integral operator and olsen inequality in the nonhomogeneous

classic Morrey space; International Journal of

Mathematical Analysis, 6 (29-32), pp. 1501-1511. Cited 4 times

7. Suhariningsih;2014;Penjelasan ilmiah teknologi “Cursonic FX 100”,

Berdasarkan Hasil Riset Observasional Klinik; Seminar Kesehatan


8. Aminatun, R. Apsari, Y.Yusuf and Suhariningsih; 2015; Synthesis

And Characterization of Hydroxyapatite Layer on Cobalt Alloys

Through Dip Coating Method as a Prosthetic Bone Implant Candidate;

Journal of optoelectronic and biomedical materials Vol. 7, No. 1,

January-March 2015

9. Retna Apsari., Inda Karsunawati, M. Yasin, Suhariningsih

;2014;The Determination of Red Laser Energy Dose for Inactivation

In Vitro Cancer Cells with Exogenous Chlorophyll and

Protoporphyrin IX (PpIX); The 4th International Conference On

Theoretical And Applied Physics (Ictap-2014)

10.Yudha Herlambang, Suhariningsih, Totok Suhartanto

;2014;Variation in biovoltage parameters againts an expert system of

acupuncture therapy for patients with tinnitus; Prosiding seminar

nasional Sains dan pendidikan sains IX, Fakultas Sains dan

Matematika, UKSW, Salatiga, 21 Juni 2014, Vol 5, No 1, ISSN :


11.Ukhrowiyah, N., Suhariningsih, M. Yasin ;2015;Continuous wave

diffuse optical tomography using multimode plastic fiber for non

destructive test of diffused material; Jurnal ISI Thompson

Reuters/Scopus Index, Vol 9, No.7-8 (2015) pp 995-999

12.Suryani Dyah Astuti, A. Zaidan, Suhariningsih ;2015;Chlorophyll

Mediated Photodynamic Inactivation of Blue Laser on Streptococcus

Mutans; AIP Proceeding, 2015

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last 5 years

Indonesian Physics Society Scientific Section


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