Prihartini Widiyanti


Name Prihartini Widiyanti
Position Dosen
Academic career  

1. Government Employer at Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education as a Lecturer Institution Universitas Airlangga

2. Doctorate (subject) : – institution : Charite University of Clinics

3. Doctorate(subject) : – institution : Humbolt University Berlin Germany

4. Master Program : – year:-

Institution: Airlangga University

5. Bachelor Program : Department of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Institution: Airlangga University year :-

6. Bachelor Program : – Institution: Terbuka University year:-

Employment Position Employer Period

 Lecturer of physics
Universitas Airlangga
Research and


projects over the

last 5 years



1. 2015 tes hematokrit digital (thd) as hematocrit levels detector in patients with dengue (second year) hibah penelitian unggulan perguruan tinggi


financial amount Rp 50.000.000

2. 2014 healthy- based integrated development life-social science as a model policy on hiv / aids towards tri zero in indonesia hibah riset mandat


financial amount Rp 160.000.000

3. 2013 hbd diagnostic development kit 2.3 and anti sap 3 for early detection of oral candidiasis hiv and hiv transmission risk and prevention using herbal active ingredients justicia gendarrusa and camellia sinensis hibah penelitian unggulan strategis nasional


Financial amount Rp 500.000.000

4. 2013 ha-chitosan composite as a candidate periodontal bone substitute bone filler in dentistry (biomaterials research consortium with the theme of creation and development tools prosthetics bone and tissue replacement implants for strengthening national industrial products import substitution) insentif riset sinas 2013


financial amount Rp 850.000.000



over the last 5


Patents and





over the last 5



1. Widiyanti,P.,2015; Composite of Poly Lactid Co-GlycolicAcid (PLGA)-Collagen Coated by Chitosan as the Candidate of Hollow Fiber Small Diameter Vascular Graft; Vol 1125 (2015) pp 411 -415. Advance Material Research

2. Widiyanti,P.,2014; The Influence of Braiding Angle Variation in Braided-Twisted Fiber Scaffold Based Poly L-Lactic Acid for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Application; Vol. 845 (2014) pp 925-928. Advanced Materials Research.

3. Widiyanti,P.,2015; Cytotoxicity of Justicia gendarussa Burm F. Leaf Extracts On Molt-4 Cell; Vol 5 No 6 April – June 2015. Indonesian Journal of Tropical Infectious Disease

Activities in


bodies over the

last 5 years

Indonesian Physics Society Scientific Section


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