Aminatun (Dr., Ir., M.Si.)


Name Aminatun
Position Dosen
Academic career 1. Government Employer at Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education as a Lecturer Institution Universitas Airlangga Year 1993 – now

2. Doctoral Program, (subject) : biomaterial Institution Airlangga University

Year 2010-2015

3. Master Program : Physics Institution: Institut Teknologi Bandung

Year : 1995 – 1998

4. Bachelor Program at Department of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Institution: Institute of Technology 10 Nopember-Surabaya

Year 1987-1992

Employment Position Employer Period
Lecturer of physics Airlangga University 1993 – now
Research and development projects over the last 5 years 1 2013-2014 : Synthesis of Implant Prosthesis of Silicone
-hydroxyapatite coated through Dip CoatingMethod

2 2015-2016 : Hydroxyapatite coating on cobalt alloys as
candidates Bone Implant Prosthesis Through

Electrophoretic Deposition Method

3 2017 : Synthesis and Characterization of Composite
hydroxyapatite-chitosan With Addition of

Chondroitin Sulfate And CMC for Bone Scaffold Candidates

Amount of financing

IDR 50,000,000 / year, 2. IDR 50,000,000/year. 3.IDR

Industry collaborations over the last 5 years
Patents and proprietary rights
Important publications over the last 5 years As corresponding authors

1 Aminatun, R. Apsari., Y. Yusuf and
Suhariningsih; 2015; Synthesis And Characterization of
Hydroxyapatite Layer on Cobalt Alloys Through Dip Coating
Method as a Prosthetic Bone Implant Candidate; Journal of
optoelectronic and biomedical material, Vol. 7, No. 1,
January-March 2015

2 Aminatun, Efinda Putri N.S, Arista
Indriani, Umi Himawati, Dyah Hikmawati and Suhariningsih;
2014; Synthesis of Cobalt Alloy Through Smelting Method and
Its Characterization as Bone Implant Prosthesis AIP
(American Institue of Physics) Conference Proceedin, Volume
1617 , 137 (2014)

3 Aminatun, Siswanto, Y.M, Penga,
Istifarah, R. Apsari; 2013; The Effect Of Sintering Process
On The Characteristics Of Hydroxyapatite From Cuttlefish
Bone (Sepia Sp.); Research Journal of
Pharmaceutical,Biological and Chemical Sciences, Vol 4
issue 4, p.1431-1442, Oct-Dec 2013

4 Retna Apsari, Aminatun, Noriah Bidin,
Suhariningsih, Sri Hartati, Anita Yuliati, M.Yasin, SW.
Harun; 2011; Effect of Q-switched pulses exposure on
Morphology, Hydroxyapatite Composition, and Microhardness
Properties of Human Enamel; Journal of Laser Application
Vol. 23 No.3 , Agustus 2011

Activities in specialist bodies over the last 5 years Indonesian Biomaterial Society Scientific Section 2013-now
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