Physics Student was examined by a school collaborator from Aston University in the UK.

Haris membawakan presentasinya
26 Januari 2021, Haris membawakan materi seminar skripsnya

Tuesday, 26th January 2021, I Kadek Haris Chandradinata had accomplished his bachelor thesis exam from the school of Physics, Faculty of Science and Technology, Universitas Airlangga. It seems normal exam that we had an examiner team with 4 members. However, Haris had one of the examiners who is one of our school collaborators. She is Dr. Paula Blanco Sanches from EBRI (Energy and Bioproducts Research Institute ), Aston University in the UK.

Haris was the first student who was examined in this manner. As one of his examiners is a foreigner, he needs to provide the thesis manuscript in both Bahasa Indonesia and English. He carried out the presentation in English and replied to all the questions in English too. His principal supervisor was Herri Trilaksana, Ph.D. as an internal supervisor from the school, and his co-supervisor was Ms. Nurfina Sari, M.Si from LIPI (Indonesian National Scientific Board). His thesis project was about The use of laser techniques to manufacture Titanium Oxide as a photocatalyst to reduce the rhodamine B pollutant.

The project had been initiated since he was doing his internship in LIPI supervised by the same supervisors. He showed a strong enthusiasm to work on this application, and when he participated in one of the guest lectures in the physics department conducted by Dr. Paula Blanco, one of the school collaborators, sometime in November last year, Haris conveyed his intention to be examined by Dr. Paula Blanco for his thesis oral defense exam, and he did it very well.

He plans to continue his study to master degree and he is seeking a scholarship for this purpose. Keep it up and go for it Haris. The students are supposed to do a similar thing as what Haris had experienced, as it is a very good chance for them to be exposed to international academic behavior. It is a little step forward for our school toward our internationalization.

January 26, 2021, Kadek Haris and the examiners took a group photo after successfully bringing the presentation of his thesis defence

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