Physics FST UNAIR Invited Prof. Datuk Dr. Harith Bin Ahmad to Deliver a Guest Lecture

On 25 April 2019, there was a special guest lecture by Prof. Datuk Dr. Harith Bin Ahmad in Department of Physics, Universitas Airlangga. Prof. Harith is a distinguished Professor from University of Malaya, Malaysia. His areas of expertise are fiber optic, optical amplifiers, and lasers.  In this visit, Prof. Harith brought up the theme “Photonics Through the Age”. He delivered a speech in front of students and lecturers. He gave a talk about the history of light, optic, and photonics chronologically from the prehistoric era until the present.

The following is the summary of Prof. Harith’s lecture:

•          Introduction of light

Humans discovered light (fire) by accident in the prehistoric era. Since then, light has brought many advantages for humans and built human civilization.

•          Scientists in photonics

It began with Muslim scientist era (Ibnu Haytham as the founder of camera and telescope, etc.) and followed by the rise of western scientists.

•          Optic

It talked about famous scientists, such as Aristotle, Euclid, and Descartes.

•          Fundamental and important laws in photonics and its founders: Snell’s Law, Hooke, Fresnel, Maxwell, etc.

•          The discovery of quantum physics

In this part, photoelectric effect by Einstein, Compton Scattering, Planck’s constant, etc. were explained.

The lecture went well that even non-physics students could easily enjoy it. In the end of the talk, Prof. Harith emphasized that students need to have the thirst of knowledge, have curiosity, always ask, and learn from something.

We hope that Prof. Harith will give another speech in Universitas Airlangga for the next visit.

Reported by Septia, edited by team_web_fisika_unair

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