Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Airlangga University is the eighth faculty within Airlangga University and was founded in 1982.The Department of Physics is one of four majors in the FMIPA Environment occupying a new building on campus C UNAIR with an area of 1440 m2, with 25 lecturers educated in S2 and S3 as well as 2 Professors.To carry out activities particularly related to staff and laboratory development, the Department of Physics has received equipment assistance from Japan (OECF-II) in 1988 and assistance from the Basic Sciences Development project in 1994, as well as ADB assistance in 1999 for equipment and further studies.With the equipment that has been obtained from the above assistance, has been employed maximum utilization both for educational activities, research and community service.The readiness of the Physics department in carrying out educational missions has been properly appreciated by the government by providing the status of a study program with an A grade credit in 1999.This accreditation status has had an impact with the success of winning the Semi-QUE Block Grant (1999-2003), and phk-A2 (2006-2009) whose purpose of granting this fund is to increase relevance, efficiency and productivity, as well as improve the academic atmosphere of the Physics department.