Nuril Ukhrowiyah

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Name Nuril Ukhrowiyah
Position Lecturer
Academic career 1. Government Employer at Ministry of Research, Technology and

2mg xanax 10 mg hydrocodone Higher Education as a Lecturer Institution Universitas Airlangga

More Bonuses 2. hydrocodone capsules 30mg Master Program: Computation Physics

hydrocodone 5/300 mg Home Page Institution : Gadjah Mada University 3. Bachelor Program: Department of Physics

useful reference Institution : Institute Technology of Sepuluh November

Employment Position Employer Period
Lecturer of

10mg hydrocodone first time Computation

hydrocodone 7.5 mg side effects Physics

Universitas Airlangga
Research and

hydrocodone 12.5 mg development projects over the

More Help last 5 years

1. 2013-2014 : Design of System Diffuse Optical Tomography (DOT) for Diagnosis of Breast Cancer Non-Radiative Amount of financing

Bonus deals IDR 50,000,000 , 00


hydrocodone 10 mg street price collaborations over the last 5

On this page years

Patents and

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over the last 5


1. Ukhrowiyah, Nuril., 2015, Continuous Wave Diffuse Optical

Tomography Using Multimode Plastic Fiber for Non-destructive Test

of Diffused Material, Vol. 9 No.7-8, Journal of Optoelectronics and

Advanced Materials-Rapid Communication.

Activities in


bodies over the

last 5 years

Indonesian Physics Society Scientific Section