Kompetensi Lulusan



Specialist Competences LO1 They have knowledge of classical physics and modern physics with a relevant problem
LO2 They have applied mathematical methods to solve physics problem
LO3 They have solved the problem with applied the concept and principal of physics for theoretical analysis, modeling and simulation
LO4 They are able to use scientific methods and applied in physics problem and developed in interdisciplinary problem
LO5 They have done a measurement methods ad experiment in physics problem and its applications
LO6 They are familiar with information technology and able to apply on a relevant physics problem
LO7 They are able to applied a knowledge and physics principle in industry and medical as well as other interdisciplinary
Social Competences LO8 They are able to solve the problem continuously and self-reliantly and they are familiar with suitable learning strategies
LO9 They are able to solve basic problem and present their results
LO10 They able to communicate by oral and writing as well as working with team.