Vision and Missions


The visions of physics bachelor to become innovative and leading in the field of physics along with its application to support the development of industry and medicine at national and international scope through education, research, and public services based on religion morals


Mission of Bachelor Physics program :

  1. Organizing education program which is able to support and give facilities for the profesional, innovative, competitive and high educational competent physics students.
  2. Implementing the innovative researches with integrative physics approachment on the science and technology development
  3. Devoting skill in physics field and its application for public development.
  4. Developing students competencies in physics field and its application for industry and medical to enhance country competitiveness.
  5. Creating condusive academic environment in lectures and researches to support students achievements with academic value and ethics.
  6. Building national and global partnership network with hospitals, industries and others institutions stakeholders in various fields such as education, research and public development for the program sustanability